Team outing places in Mumbai

Choose a resort near Mumbai for the next team outing session. This way the colleagues will be able to spend safe and hygienice yet quality time amidst the pandemic.

The current pandemic situation because of the Novel Corona virus has been a boon for some while a bane for many. Students get to stay at home away from the school, housewives get a chance to showcase their talent from home, families get to stay together as many return home from small towns, etc are a few perks. But losing loved ones, housewives spending even more time in the kitchen and long working hours for many professionals are the major shortcomings of the situation.

Many professionals who have been working from home have a lot to complain about. The primary complaint would be the number of working hours. If the standard work time for a person was 7 hours plus travel time, it is now changed to 11+ hours. Next, promotions have been delayed. And many have been fired. Then, bonuses and gifts have been removed at many working places. Finally, seminars and other social gatherings have also been cancelled for many.

Now, in the past few months, the rules have relaxed a bit. There are updated guidelines for social gatherings from the government. And due to this, many companies have restarted the search for team outing places in Mumbai. A small team of around 200 people can assemble for an event, is what the government guidelines say. And a resort around Mumbai is a good option to host such a gathering, is what we say.

After making the employees work for longer hours and without hikes, a small get together organised by the company, goes a long way in boosting the morale of the employees. It also gives a chance for colleagues to meet each other and discuss some friendly gossip, thereby making their bonding stronger and keeping the loyalty intact. A team outing also ensures that the employees see the investment made by the company on recreation and team strengthening.

There are several places to host corporate events near Mumbai. It is important to choose the right option for the correct outing. Choosing an outdoor spot for a seminar or a brain-storming session would not be ideal. Likewise choosing a banquet hall for a fun picnic will take the fun away from the picnic. Next, a place too small would add to the safety risks and a place too big would lose the touch for a small gathering.

Therefore choosing a resort is an ideal choice in many ways. Resorts have outdoor lawns as well as indoor conference rooms and banquet halls. So every kind of event can be organised at the same venue. Secondly, the resorts provide a relaxed and jovial atmosphere, which is highly encouraging for a team outing. Lastly, entire food, drinks and refreshments are taken care of by the resort. Our resorts near Silvassa, Karjat and Dholvad are economical, beautiful and pristine. They have modern infrastructure; recreational activities like gymnasium, indoor and outdoor games, swimming pool, water park and spa; and lip-smacking food at our two multi-cuisine restaurants. Located in the lap of nature yet easily accessible from Mumbai are other reasons for becoming a perfect option for the next team outing.

The resorts can be checked before visiting and booking. The ratings on the travel websites and reviews over social media and self-explanatory. There are many pictures of the premises uploaded by the esteemed and satisfied customers. The resorts believe in providing excellent customer service, and therefore regularly train and inspect the property and staff.