Resorts in Silvassa: The Prerequisites for a Good Holiday

Silvassa, the capital city of Dadra and Nager Haveli is nestled amongst natural beauty of lush green landscapes and charm of abundant flora and fauna. Its location makes it a comfortable and ideal holiday destination for Maharashtra and Gujarat people. Based on this, the locals have maintained the surrounding’s greenery and en-cashed on the tribal life and culture. The Government on its part has done a lot to maintain and develop this city by declaring it a tax free city and industrialising the area to generate revenue.

The hospital and hospitality business has also spread its wings here and set up major league hospitals, hotels and resorts. The resorts in Silvassa have the benefit of being built on large acres of land, coming out as appealing holiday option! In this blog, you can find the prerequisites or what-to-look-for while booking a prime resort in the area.

Reminiscing and revamping history

The Resorts should have a backdrop or hints of the local taste, culture and lifestyle.

A few artefacts placed elegantly merging with the surroundings A tavern or area dedicated to the local folklore Or revamping the local story to gracefully blend in the modern furbishing, Any reminiscent of the local history adds to the charm and charisma of the property. It also allows the guest to get a feel of the city they are in for a holiday and intrigues the traveller’s instinct to explore.

Rested and Rejoicing ambience

Stark colours, fancy furnishings, tacky appearance, unhygienic maintenance etc give a negative ambience to the facility and create an uncomfortable environment. The entrance as well as the property per se should have a rested feeling. The appearance, furnishings and texture should bring a smile to the face and twinkle to the eyes.

The infrastructure could spell class and elegance or can be welcoming and homely. Either ways it is the first thing that catches the eye when one enters the destination and therefore should be well thought and well created.

A well maintained resort which prioritises cleanliness and hygiene should be the primary check box while choosing the accommodation.

Reposing and relaxing abodes

Once the ambience is acceptable, one needs to check out the stay options available. Looks can be deceiving in photos and live encounters can bear totally different first impressions. The rooms/ suites/ villas/ etc should all have the basic requisites that a traveller requires.

A comfortable non creaking bed with bug free mattress and clean and fresh bed sheets is the first thing that comes into mind while thinking of a night stay. Other amenities like bottled/ purified drinking water, air conditioners where applicable, luggage shelves with locker facility, dressing area, writing desk with accessories, few knick knacks or welcome goodies, mini fridge, etc can be expected from a classy resort. And the bathrooms are a treat in themselves in modern times. Besides the show of shiny tiles and marble baths, modern bath fittings and Jacuzzis, expensive toiletries, soft towels and bathrobes, bathrooms need to be clean, fresh and hygienic at the least. Revitalising and rejuvenating amenities

One can expect more than just a night accommodation from a resort. The resorts have emerged as a whole package taking care of all your needs. They should be able to cater to the entertainment and enjoyment needs of the guests.

A big, well maintained swimming pool for kids and adults with few slides and rides is an excellent setup. Options for outdoor activities like cricket, volleyball, football, badminton etc as well as indoor games like snooker, carom, chess, toddler’s corner, baby toys, etc should be provided for rejuvenation.

A few resorts have an attached fitness centre/ gym too for the health freaks. While some resorts boast of inbuilt spa and massage centre, others boast of in house Jacuzzi, all for revitalising the customers. So look at all the available amenities and choose wisely.

Reviving and revelling facilities

A resort should be able to relax your senses by being pleasing to the mind and soul. Facilities for romance with your beloved or family fun time with parents and kids should be provided by the premise. Landscaped gardens with beautiful fountains, walk ways with picturesque backdrop, or relaxing spaces to leisurely spend quality time with dear and dear ones, is what one aspires while away on a holiday.

Remarkable infrastructure

At resorts, one can organise office get-togethers, galas, family gatherings and marriage functions as well. Thus one needs to check out the available infrastructure. From immaculately manicured gardens for outdoor functions to state of the art banquet halls and ballrooms for indoor galas, the equipments and gadgets should be in working condition and fully organised.

The resort’s ability to handle grand parties depends on its technical and service staff and they should be duly comprehended.

Replenishing and reenergising food

On an outing, it all boils down to two things- bed and food! A resort has to have an attached or in house restaurant which caters to everyone’s like and dislike.A few resorts are thoughtful in offering separate restaurants for vegetarians and non vegetarians.

The setup and ambience of the diner is to be well thought and appealing to the eye. The restaurant should be full of tantalising odour and tempting sights of food.

Offering multi cuisine fine dining can get a big thumbs-up for the resort from its guests who arrive from all walks of life. The food itself should bring words like ‘mouth watering, perfect, finger-licking good, scrumptious, scintillating’ to mind upon eating. That is the quality of a ravishing restaurant.

Hoping that all aspects have been covered above, one can be positive to have a relaxing and refreshing stay at a resort with complete value for money by going through the selection process as per the check list. After all, all that one looks for on a holiday is a beautiful place to explore and perfect place to stay. At Silvassa, we guarantee you can find both- a comfortable stay in the lap of nature.