Luxury Resort in Gujarat For Travel Lovers

Gujarat! The word is lovely. And it symbolises so many things. A land of Gujaratis, is the first revelation. But it also makes one think of garba dance, Dandi march, Gathias and Khakras, street food and beaches. Moreover, the authentic dwellers of Gujarat are sweet, friendly and welcoming. That's the reason why many outsiders have made this land of magic their home too.

Being in close proximity to the weekend getaway enthusiasts of Mumbai, the travel bug hits Gujarat too. With many beaches and wildlife sanctuaries, there are ample travelling opportunities. Also, the most famous national park-Gir national park is here. Next, the mesmerising white desert - Rann of Kutch is also a travel hotspot. From Ahmedabad to Varodara, from Dwarka to Bhuj, and to Junagarh, the length and breath of Gujarat offers unique archaeological and religious experience. The city of diamonds- Surat, trades with investors worldwide. The Gujarati culture, lifestyle, celebration and authentic food draw a lot of visitors from around the world.

As mentioned above, the tourism industry is thriving in Gujarat, thanks to the varied natural backdrops. Therefore, a number of luxury resorts in Gujarat offer their services to this industry. And a lot more resorts can be seen mushrooming all over Gujarat in the recent years. Not only that, businessmen around the country want to cash-in on this opportunity and hence, have opened up their outlets at major tourist zones. Local craftsmen can be seen selling their wares as well, at tourist hubs, big and small. This is one of the main reason why the competitor for the Statue of Liberty - the Statue of Unity was also built in Gujarat. Furthermore, the world heritage sites get the chance to gather enough money from entry tickets for maintenance work.

Coming back to the topic of luxury resorts. Our resorts in Silvassa and Gholvad are easily accessible from many major cities of Gujarat. Next, they are built in the luxury of a natural environment and offer a luxurious time. We cater to the crowd of tourists who wish to have a relaxing while entertaining holiday in a beautiful backdrop. Yes, our luxury resort wouldn't let you want to step out and explore the local surroundings because the fun never ends inside.

Let's look into the location of these resorts. Silvassa is nestled in the western ghats at Dadra and Nager Haveli; and Gholvad is a beach town in Maharashtra. While one place offers iconic views of the mountains and valleys, the other offers sunny weather and endless ocean. Silvassa is just 4-5 hours from Surat while Gholvad is closer.

The resort in Gholvad is not just any resort. It is a beach spa resort. Translation - the pinnacle of relaxation. Simply untwine and unwind your body at the resort with our excellent and luxurious spa services. Then let your worries go away as you watch the sun setting behind the ocean from a beach chair of this beautifully designed boutique resort. Sounds soothing, isn't it.

The resort in Silvassa is so much more. It is fun, it is vibrant and it is luxurious. From the reception to the water park, every inch of the resort spells luxury. Beautifully designed and religiously maintained, we don't leave any stones unturned for the comfort of the guests.

Check out the website link, look into the Facebook photos and read the travel reviews. We are actively present over the social media, both on our pages and on the links of our guests. Research to believe our worth, or you can simply step in to get a delectable and pleasant experience. Everytime. Happy holidaying!