Luxury Resort in Gujarat

Have a memorable vacation which is also worthwhile by choosing our resort over other options. And to help you decide, we will present the reasons that make our resorts superior.

These days, going for a holiday translates to a lot of research and hard core planning. Which places are worth a visit, how many days to stay, what clothes should be packed and which hotel can be booked. And most often, looking at the multitudes of options to stay( a hotel, a motel, a lodge, a tent, a resort, etc) the planning just gets complicated. Furthermore, a query arises too, how are all the lodging options different from each other? And more importantly, which one would meet the needs?

Dear readers, the answer is quite simple, actually. A resort! And here are the reasons : A resort is designed for large gatherings, hence they are huge, spacious, airy and beautiful. They are also designed with landscaped gardens and designer lawns, which hotels usually don't have. Next, resorts provide courteous room service and many other amenities like spa and pool, which can rarely be seen at a motel or a lodge. And lastly, original royal palaces make excellent resorts (but it does not mean that all resorts are only palaces).

So the differences from other places to stay, and the superiority of the resorts is clear. Let us now familiarise with the amenities and services of a resort. Well of course, every resort is uniquely different, but still, there are a bunch of amenities that are common to many resorts around the country. And the food served is at the top of the list. At a resort, especially a luxury resort, a taste of mouth-watering, delicious food from cuisines of the world is served and the spread of delicacies is to die for. For example, A Luxury resort in Gujarat specialises for it's mushroom variations created by a master chef brought in from Japan. Both buffet and a la carte offer scrumptious food at the restaurants of a resort.

Now, after having such a delicious meal at one of our resorts, we make sure you get the necessary exercise to burn your calories. Hence, to reach your luxurious room after dining at one of our restaurants, a long stroll is on the checklist. Next, enjoying the scenic beauty of our resort keeps you on your toes as you wade your feet through the landscaped gardens and reach the illuminated fountains. Adding on to the health mantra, fitness freaks can make use of the jogging track or a lap on the cycling track to satiate their needs!

To add on to the excitement, the water park present at our Silvassa resort is the cherry on the cake. Even a star hotel in a city, very often, cannot boast of this amenity. But when it comes to our luxury resort, one will find the water park with great water slides, apart from our huge pool area. Treat resort's water-park in itself is a great excuse to get out and get going for a small weekend getaway in the lap of nature. Just imagine: a dip, a swim and a splash, roars of laughter and top notch fun with family, special some-one or an office gathering. Another reason for the water-park at our resort is better than outside is that we take care to maintain the regulation standards and hygiene of our water park. Regular sanitisation, timely inspection and safety maintenance are done at all our resorts. Our two cents, a little money saved by selecting a cheaper resort may hamper with the maintenance standards and hygiene quality, which can have adverse effects on your health.