Holiday destination near mumbai for family stay

Taking a holiday with family will help you give the much needed time and attention to your loved ones. A holiday at our family resort is a great way to have some family bonding time.

Spending quality time with family is very important. A study released by the Mental Health Association, UK points that 4 out of 10 employees tend to neglect personal aspects in life. The long working hours reduces the amount of quality time spent with family. Here we have listed a few benefits of family time:

Stronger family bond

The most important reason why one should spend more time with family is the need to develop ties and a loving bond. As the kids grow older, only a strong family tie and bond can keep them from getting peer pressured into wrong things. They know they can share and ask serious queries about life with family instead of strangers. When a family spends more belonging time together, a deep and secure family bond develops.

More time to talk and listen

In a family, every person has a role to play, and very often the time to share thoughts and talk is reduced. Also, adults find that talking and listening to kids is difficult, as kids think differently. But the truth is, removing time to talk and listen is very important. Taking a short vacation or staying away from home duties for a few days gives ample free time to rekindle and share. Our resort is a celebrated holiday destination near Mumbai, which lets you create such priceless moments.

Instill family values to children

At a time where divorce rates have increased steadily over the years, it becomes very important to instill the importance of family values in a child and help build a sense of companionship. Spending time as a family at our resorts helps the child to recognise the parental as well as sibling bonding.

Learn important lessons in life

Spending time with the family and teaching them about the world first hand plays a shaping role in the child's career. Simple, yet important lessons can be taught to a child by referring to the natural surroundings. Spending time at our resorts can give you many such opportunities in the lap of nature.

Increased self esteem

Everyone has doubts and insecurities. One thing that really helps at that moment is feeling appreciated by the family. A family spends positive time together, like playing games at our resort. When this moment helps the family in encouraging each other and appreciating the wins, these moments can create more self worth than a thousand self help articles.

Health benefits

Stress relief, increased life span and positive mental health are a few health benefits that come by spending healthy time with family. Stress can lead to a number of health issues, like high blood pressure, headaches, and arrhythmia. A survey conducted by the American Psychological Association shows that 36% of Americans found stress relief with better social interactions than with smoking, drinking and binge eating.

Spending your holiday with family at our resorts will give you many opportunities to create beautiful family memories. The family can choose to bond over a meal or laugh with some water fun. They can play games as a team or compete with each other in the gym. They can laze around in the gardens or host a family get together in the banquet halls. We, at Treat Resorts are committed to providing you a safe and comfortable stay, so that you can forget about your worries and truly enjoy your holiday.