Set New Standards for Wedding Celebration

Only a few days are as important to the family as a grand wedding celebration. While you may be considering a low key wedding with just close friends and family, there are no two ways as to how grand a destination wedding is! If you're planning for a destination wedding for a family member or even yourself, you just don't need a good venue, you need a venue with a great staff that goes the extra mile for you, and shares the same passion as you for the big day.

Every wedding celebration at Treat Beach Resort and Spa, Gholvad is a grand setup where it's as much of a celebration to us as it is to you. From the menu to the venue, everything exceeds your expectations. The virgin Bordi Beach, the ecstatic natural beauty of Gholvad and the premier property of Treat Beach Resort and Spa that is a landmark in itself sets the perfect mood for a grand destination wedding near Mumbai. From 3 banquet halls ranging 2,000 sq ft to 4,000 sq ft and the generous outdoors with a 15,000 sq ft lawn and a 6,000 sq ft poolside area, you get more than just basic space to pull off a grand ceremony. While you might eye foreign destinations too, one thing is for sure, Treat Beach Resort is one of the best locations to hold a destination wedding which meets international standards.

Treat Beach Resort and Spa meets international standards of destination wedding venues, without the hassle of traveling. Even though you are amidst the scenic views of Gholvad, you have close access to big cities and airports whether you choose to travel by car or a stress free train ride.

In little over a year of operation, we have managed to host many weddings and celebrations and have turned it into memories. Regardless of the theme, we set new standards when it comes to any wedding celebration.