Resorts in Daman For The Best Stay

Daman gives a sneak peak into Portuguese culture of a bygone era. This union territory has a lot of spots worth visiting, and the trip can become your great one, by choosing the best resort for a comforting stay.

If one wants to revisit the era of colonisation, Portuguese culture and serene lifestyle, head over to Diu and Daman. This underrated tourist destination in India has tons to offer. Visit the union territory for its clandestine churches and beautiful beaches. Here is a list of the best places to explore in Daman, inclusive of churches, beaches, temples, forts and so much more.

Jampore Beach

With it's calm waters and semi blackish sand, this is the go-to beach in Daman. Just like our resorts, this beach has something for everyone. From adrenaline pumping activities like parasailing, boating, jet skiing and also sand biking for adventure seekers, to calming sunset corners for the peaceful ones, Jampore lives on you the expectations of one and all.

Moti Daman Fort

Moti Daman Fort was built to protect the city from Mughals, way back in the 16th century. The structure of the fort is an intriguing design for history lovers. The fort is known for the variety of canyons, present in different sizes and shapes. The Portuguese style of architecture is worth observation in the fort.

Daman is a small and relic town with many sight seeing places on offer but only a few resorts in Daman can give a comfortable and luxurious stay. Therefore, one can choose to stay in Silvassa at our Treat Resort. Silvassa is just one hour away from Daman by road. Furthermore, staying in Silvassa let's you explore Dadra along with Daman, on the same trip.

Daman Lighthouse:

The colossal lighthouse is a short distance of 25- 30 mins from Moti Daman. The top of the lighthouse gives breath taking, panoramic views of the Portuguese town. The best time to visit the lighthouse is during the evening twilight.

Dominican Monastery

This calm and peaceful monastery is also known as the headquarters of theological studies by the scholars around the country. The visit will help you have a reconnect with your routes in a surreal way.

Cathedral of Bom Jesus

This cathedral is a standing testament of flawless artworks during the era of Portuguese designers and artisans. The gold plated wooden altar, lofty ceiling, carved doorways and lastly, the overall ambience of the cathedral is sure to tickle your insides in a positive way. This is a 400-year-old church, with Portuguese and roman style architecture.

Devka Amusement Park

After you have bored the kids with forts and cathedrals, give them some fun time off joy rides, camel rides and jungle gym. A visit to the amusement Park is needed during a family holiday involving kids.

Mirasol Lake Garden

This is also known as Daman Kadaiya Lake Garden. This beautiful man made garden has cafes, boat rides, joy rides, etc. Since it is located in close proximity to the amusement Park, the kids can have a double treat. And if it is your lucky day, you might witness a movie shoot happening there!

Treat Resorts

Our two resorts are situated very close to the union territory. Both Treat Resort, Silvassa and Treat Beach Resort, Gholvad are just an hour away from Daman. Our resorts will make your visit calming and luxurious. Choose to stay at our resorts and indulge yourselves in some rejuvenating, relaxing and fun filled moments when you are not sight-seeing. We have a wide range of amenities and facilities for you and your entire family. So start planning your trip soon!