Family Resorts near Mumbai for the Perfect Family Holiday

For the next family function or a family get together, choose our family resort over other options, and add memories worth a lifetime to your life.

A family that stays together, laughs together are cries together. Isn't that true! When one is surrounded by blood ties, there's bound to be happy moments, funny moments, frustrating moments, angry moments and sad moments too. But without emotion, there's emptiness in life. So, all these emotions make one alive and all these moments form an integral part of normal life with family.

How about adding a little zing and bling to the normal family life? Yup, these factors are important too in a normal life. And hence, to do these, people arrange family gatherings and family outings, family functions and get togethers. They give a change to daily life, along with a chance for the immediate and extended family to meet up. Furthermore, the zing and bling can be raised by choosing a classic location, like a family resort near Mumbai.

Why should you choose Mumbai?

Mumbai is the financial, commercial and entertainment capital of India. It is very well connected with the rest of the country. It is surrounded by at least 15 Hill station tourist spots: great place for calling the family together,since they give the get together the added advantage of a breakation.

Why should you choose a family resort?

Imagine a big family with lots of adults and an equal number of kids, crammed together in a park, or a mall, or a hotel, or even a restaurant. Noisy! Neither can the family enjoy in such a limited space, nor can the people around them have a good time. Now imagine the same family at a large landscaped garden, or a private banquet Hall, or inside a spacious restaurant. Cosy and pristine! That's the environment a resort provides. But there's a catch. Some resorts are ideal for honeymooners, some for trekkers and few others for party folks. A family get-together gets awkward at such places. Hence choosing a family resort is an ideal choice. It gives the right environment for a happy and fun filled vacation with near and dear ones.

Why should you choose our resorts?

We have two family resorts - Treat resort and Treat Beach resort and Spa. Our resorts are located at a convenient distance from the capital of Maharashtra. Treat resort is a two hour drive from the highway, while Beach resort is 3 hours away. Our resorts are also surrounded by natural beauty. Treat resort is situated in Silvassa, the beautiful capital of Dadra and Nager Haveli. Next, Our beach resort is situated in the uncharted lands and beaches of Gholvad.

Both our resorts have huge acres of well maintained and luxuriously designed lands. They have amicable hospitality and mouth watering food. Furthermore, the amenities and facilities provided are family centered and crowd friendly. One can go wild in the majestic swimming pool or have thrilling moments at the water park. Next, the family can either relax in the large lawns or play a wide range of indoor and outdoor games. The family can either do group activities at the beach or have some rejuvenating moments at the gym or the spa. To add on to the fun, relaxation is also important. Our luxurious rooms with pristine upholstery and royal beds are bound to give you a good night's sleep. And the scenic beauty from your rooms are going to provide a fresh morning.

You cannot go wrong by choosing our family resorts. So, it is time to call your gang for some relaxing, rejuvenating, rejoicing, reconnecting moments in the lap of nature.