Discover The Hidden Gem - Gholvad

Been working long, imagine this, the soft sand pressing between your toes, the breeze flirting with your hair as you breathe in the clean air while gazing at the scenic horizon of a virgin beach, sounds good? Trust us, it’s great! In our fast paced lives we have forgotten one very important thing we all need, the need to unwind and relax.

The weekend sets the best time for one to relax and de-stress, some choose the comfort of their house and some discover the hidden gem called Gholvad on the weekends.

From the mighty Bahrot caves, to Aswali Dam and the Bordi Beach, a quick trip to Gholvad should be on top of your weekend list. But why settle, make your stay at Gholvad even pleasurable and choose Treat Beach Resortand Spa, one of the premier resorts in Gholvad, set in lush greenery with best in class services, outstanding facilities and the hospitality the Treat Group is famous for.

Why choose any other hotel or resort in Gholvad when you can make the best choice! Treat Beach Resort and Spa is the obvious choice you can’t miss. From a luxurious pool to a dedicated play area and a fitness zone to an in-house spa, at Treat Beach Resort your stay is sure to be the relaxing break you deserve. And why just you? It's a complete treat for all your family members. There's something for everyone in your family to do in Treat Beach Resort and Spa.

But it’s not all just play and fun at Treat Beach Resort and Spa. With close proximity to Mumbai, Pune, Surat, Ahmedabad, Treat Beach Resort and Spa is ideal for work too! Whether it's a product launch, corporate meeting, a press release or even a photoshoot, the expert team at Treat Beach makes all your events a mega- hit. Gholvad is one of the best upcoming corporate event venues in Maharashtra and Treat Beach Resort is the people's first choice. From conference rooms to meeting rooms, get prime creative thinking location. And the extra mile our staffs go, to make your stay a memorable one, stands as a highlight during your visit to Gholvad.

So while many are happy with the luxury in their house over the weekend, some are happier to discover the luxury of the relatively undisturbed location of Gholvad. From the serene beaches to the calm aura, the charm of this hidden gem is something that just words cannot do justice to.You need to be here and make your own special memories. See you soon!